What to keep in mind while choosing the right drapery for your living room?

Decorating your beautiful home with the window treatments might become a really overwhelming process. However, if you have found out the correct one, the draperies and curtains can really make a strong impact and present a beautiful, mysterious and magical look. When you are selecting the curtains or the draperies, you should of course think about the functional use before thinking about its look or style. This narrows down your choice and then you can select the right curtains for your room. Of the many things that you should keep in mind while selecting the draperies, the most important factors are the fabric and the prints and patterns of the curtains which are discussed extensively below.

The Fabric

The kind of curtains you have shortlisted for your windows will determine what fabrics you should use. Heavier fabrics, like silk and velvet, usually create intensity and drama and offer a formal feel to the rooms. They are likely to block light, give you some privacy and they also insulate really well. However if you demand a casual look, you may try a light weight fabric, like linen which will allow natural light and air to come into the room. The cotton curtains are way more transitional and work well in formal as well as casual settings. The cotton draperies are very easy to use and also very easy to wash and care for.

The Prints and Patterns

If your rooms have patterned or printed furniture and bedding, you will find it relatively easier to coordinate the solid coloured draperies to avoid the look which seems too busy. If your room has the solid colour furniture or bedding, the curtains with the small graphic prints will look messy and unclear from a distance. You might bring the fabric swatches from the furniture to the store in order get a good sense of what might work better.

Curtains and draperies have been ornamental in the houses of various people of different ethnicities since time immemorial. These days the curtains and the draperies are being used more smartly than ever. They do not only solve the ornamental purpose but also help the room look bigger at times and make it more airy, let the light come in, help you maintain privacy and also exhibit to your visitors a slice of your aesthetics.

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