4 Modern and Unique Bathrooms for the Modern Home

Bathrooms are an integral part of your lovely house. Just like every other part of your house, like the living rooms, the drawing rooms, the basement and the kitchen, you need to take ample care of your bathroom and provide ample care and attention to it, so that it beautifies your home all the more. A bathroom is a private place which knows you better than even your partners. It is high time you plan to enhance your bath fittings and pay more attention to your washroom.

The small bathrooms are really a common feature these days in most of the apartments. We hardly have enough space for the bathrooms so it is a must that we maximize the space available to us and work hard on making the bathroom more effective and efficient, and at the same time giving it a pleasant and classy look. The modern bathroom designing techniques have revolutionized the bathrooms; some of these bathroom types which you may use for your house are given below.

The Turkish Bathroom

This is a small bathroom which is just picture perfect! A beautiful modern bathroom design, it uses the patterns and color to deviate from lack of space of the bathroom. A Prussian blue wall may be contrasted by the lovely white mirror frame; combinations of beautiful and exotic floral tiles along with the blue and white color may seem perfect. Apart from this, beautiful hanging lamps of blue color can surely give your bathroom a Turkish touch.

The Chocolate Sandwich Bathroom

A deadly combination of the chocolate brown and the white colors give your small bathroom a naughty vibe. This design utilizes the available space. The basin, the toilet as well as the shower are intelligently placed to maximize the space.

The Mosaic Marvel

This kind of bathroom is the epitome of modern architecture and creativity. Here you have in your bathroom, wonderful black and white chequered tiles which not only look mysterious and sexy, but also create illusion. As a result, your bathroom looks modern, abstract and of course sophisticated.

The Textured Classic Bathroom

Most of the white bathrooms have the risk of looking dull, boring and ordinary. However, this kind of a bathroom uses the textures to make your bathroom look ingenious and innovative. The wonderful artwork in this kind of bathrooms cut the monotony of the boring bathroom.


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