Wabi Sabi design style

In tune with the simplicity of Zen philosophy, Wabi Sabi looks to provide communication and harmony with nature. Earthy tones, the pale palettes of raw materials like wood and stone, the dry greens of nature left alone and the dull complexity of stones along a walking path.

What to keep in mind while choosing the right drapery for your living room?

Decorating your beautiful home with the window treatments might become a really overwhelming process. However, if you have found out the correct one, the draperies and curtains can really make a strong impact and present a beautiful, mysterious and magical look. When you are selecting the curtains or the draperies, you should of course think about the functional use before thinking about its look or style. This narrows down your choice and then you can select the right curtains for your room. Of the many things that you should keep in mind while selecting the draperies, the most important factors are the fabric and the prints and patterns of the curtains which are discussed extensively below.

The Fabric

The kind of curtains you have shortlisted for your windows will determine what fabrics you should use. Heavier fabrics, like silk and velvet, usually create intensity and drama and offer a formal feel to the rooms. They are likely to block light, give you some privacy and they also insulate really well. However if you demand a casual look, you may try a light weight fabric, like linen which will allow natural light and air to come into the room. The cotton curtains are way more transitional and work well in formal as well as casual settings. The cotton draperies are very easy to use and also very easy to wash and care for.

The Prints and Patterns

If your rooms have patterned or printed furniture and bedding, you will find it relatively easier to coordinate the solid coloured draperies to avoid the look which seems too busy. If your room has the solid colour furniture or bedding, the curtains with the small graphic prints will look messy and unclear from a distance. You might bring the fabric swatches from the furniture to the store in order get a good sense of what might work better.

Curtains and draperies have been ornamental in the houses of various people of different ethnicities since time immemorial. These days the curtains and the draperies are being used more smartly than ever. They do not only solve the ornamental purpose but also help the room look bigger at times and make it more airy, let the light come in, help you maintain privacy and also exhibit to your visitors a slice of your aesthetics.

What must be there in the modern kitchen?

With time, the kitchen designs have taken really important roles in our home decorations. Even sometime before, the kitchen was just the place where the ladies of your house gather and cook meals for the entire family, but in the postmodern era and the lifestyle of today’s world, the purpose of the kitchen is continuously being redefined. Kitchens are now the place where your family cooks, sits and enjoys the meal over common gossip. The kitchen helps in binding the relationship better of the family members. In the modern homes, the kitchen is usually connected with the dining and living rooms for more convenience. With the advancement of technologies, the kitchen equipment and appliances which are being used in the modern kitchens are quite different from the earlier ones. I, for one, am constantly blending my Isagenix Shakes while chatting with my daughter and sending my son off to school.

The modern kitchens are being designed specifically to be more efficient, functional, intelligent, as well as pragmatic. The modern kitchens must have well maintained and hygienic storage systems which hide the clutter and keep the kitchen’s countertops absolutely neat and clean and also make the kitchen look way more spacious. The modern modular kitchens are being crafted with immense attention and precision to detail thereby ensuring to have ample space for everything including sinks and the storage space. The updated appliances, jars of pickles and jam, the eastern spice box, the utensils and other important stuff must all be conveniently kept in the modern kitchens.

The beautiful floating shelves might be used to store the expensive and classy things which you want to exhibit in your kitchen, these might include the cookery books, colorful crockery, the rare aromatic spice box or other such things.

As the modern trends bent towards creating the multi-functional regions in a house, it is a delightful idea to add something which helps your kitchen in achieving it.  Like you might install a beautiful and useful island counter which will serve both as the room separator and as your bar.

In addition with all the above mentioned tips, the modern kitchens must also have ample ventilation—especially as the open plans would lead to odours and smoke to leak in to your connected social and private regions like the dining room and the living room, which is why  windows or powerful extractors or chimneys are strongly recommended to make your kitchen smoke proof. Thus the modern kitchen is now a luxurious place which gives a lot of pleasure to the cook and also lets the other members willingly drop by due to its comfort and beauty.





Best ways to choose the right colour for your house

Whenever it comes to opting the best exterior paint for your house, the color plays the most important as well as powerful role, since it may create or enhance several attractive aspects of any home or even a commercial building. But even if we look behind the art and aesthetics and move pragmatically to the practical sphere, one of the most significant things to consider while choosing the exterior colors for your house is longevity.

It is absolutely true that the paint technology has really improved a lot over the last few decades; still, it is a scientifically proven fact that the color selection of the house indeed has a very powerful influence on the overall paint performance of the paints. It is so because how long the paint job is going to last is directly proportional to how much ultraviolet rays are being absorbed by the exterior color. Here are a few things which you can keep in mind while choosing the color and paint of your house.

Try to paint the side of the sun exposure

The directional way of the sun’s exposure has got a very important impact on the color retention. Just, for instance, the southern exposures get the maximum UV light, which might result in the maximum color loss in the paint. The eastern and the western exposures get slanting UV light so they are vulnerable to a lesser degree for the color loss, while the northern exposures have the least susceptibility to the color loss issues. So considering the exposure side while choosing the color while surely help you to make your paint last longer.

Do not go for the cheap paints

You cannot really save at every aspect of life. It is often unwise to invest big money in cheaper things. The paints of your walls must, therefore, be of supreme quality. The good quality paints easily stand out because of their color retention capabilities, they retain the color for a long time even if they are exposed to the various elements of nature. These deluxe quality paints not only provide good adhesion onto whatever surface they have been applied, but are also way more resistant and resilient to chalking which is a process that might rob the exterior paint of its shiny color.  The good quality paints might seem costly in the beginning, but at the end, they save your money by making your paint last longer.

4 Modern and Unique Bathrooms for the Modern Home

Bathrooms are an integral part of your lovely house. Just like every other part of your house, like the living rooms, the drawing rooms, the basement and the kitchen, you need to take ample care of your bathroom and provide ample care and attention to it, so that it beautifies your home all the more. A bathroom is a private place which knows you better than even your partners. It is high time you plan to enhance your bath fittings and pay more attention to your washroom.

The small bathrooms are really a common feature these days in most of the apartments. We hardly have enough space for the bathrooms so it is a must that we maximize the space available to us and work hard on making the bathroom more effective and efficient, and at the same time giving it a pleasant and classy look. The modern bathroom designing techniques have revolutionized the bathrooms; some of these bathroom types which you may use for your house are given below.

The Turkish Bathroom

This is a small bathroom which is just picture perfect! A beautiful modern bathroom design, it uses the patterns and color to deviate from lack of space of the bathroom. A Prussian blue wall may be contrasted by the lovely white mirror frame; combinations of beautiful and exotic floral tiles along with the blue and white color may seem perfect. Apart from this, beautiful hanging lamps of blue color can surely give your bathroom a Turkish touch.

The Chocolate Sandwich Bathroom

A deadly combination of the chocolate brown and the white colors give your small bathroom a naughty vibe. This design utilizes the available space. The basin, the toilet as well as the shower are intelligently placed to maximize the space.

The Mosaic Marvel

This kind of bathroom is the epitome of modern architecture and creativity. Here you have in your bathroom, wonderful black and white chequered tiles which not only look mysterious and sexy, but also create illusion. As a result, your bathroom looks modern, abstract and of course sophisticated.

The Textured Classic Bathroom

Most of the white bathrooms have the risk of looking dull, boring and ordinary. However, this kind of a bathroom uses the textures to make your bathroom look ingenious and innovative. The wonderful artwork in this kind of bathrooms cut the monotony of the boring bathroom.


3 ways to lighting your room efficiently

Making a beautiful house is everyone’s dream. Usually, many of you end up investing quite a sum in making your home look beautiful. Expensive furniture is bought, costly paints are purchased, modern draperies and specially designed textures are used to make the rooms beautiful, and however something which is very often neglected and compromised is the lighting system of the house.

Getting the right scale

The lighting overhead often adds a delightful touch if it is managed perfectly. Considering the size and the purpose of the living space you may choose the overhead lighting fixture. This kind of openwork fixture usually looks ravishing against a plain white walls and ceiling. It also adds a vivid focal point although it is not the only lighting source. A beautiful floor lamp may be added next to your sofa and can be a warm complement to the décor of the room.

Keep experimenting with colours

Experimenting with different colours and lighting fixtures in your room exhibit your artistic norms and aesthetics. You can mix and match different sets of colours and lighting patterns in your room to give your room a more abstract and intellectual aura.

No hard and fast rule exists when it comes down to the lamps and lighting if the house. However you may take suggestions, but at the end, your personal tastes, preferences and aesthetics must affect the lighting if your rooms. Your room will look multi-layered as well interesting just with some mismatched stuffs. You can use the tall floor lamp of another color than your usual bright blue lamps by the bedside. The floor lamp may be tied to your total color scheme by the mild colors of the pillows and it can also lighten your sitting area. It also becomes the perfect place for you and your family members to read books and magazines.

If all your lights are on, your room will look brighter but the light might be controlled if you would like to.

Keep in mind the kind of lamps you desire

Lamps are an essential part of the lighting fixture of any room. Lamps are classy, dramatic and interesting as anything. Put the kind of lamps you love, the lamps which appeal to your aesthetics and tastes. Lamps provide beautiful diffused light to your room as well as add an urbane brush of modernity. The lamps can be best positioned in the corners so that your guests to not stumble their heads on it while entering your room.


3 things you should never let happen to your living room

The living room is just the most customized and beautiful room of the house. The appearance of your living room gives an impression of your personality, your artistic tastes and norms as well as your hygienic preferences.

The living room is the perfect spot to connect with the friends and spending a lot of time with your family, friends and beloved. You usually know putting what in your living room makes it look wonderful, what you also must know is what makes your living room look ugly and obnoxious. Just the ‘musts’ there is also the ‘mustn’ts’ which you will find in this article.

Procrastinating the deep cleaning spots forever

The living room of yours is, of course, used a lot. Even if you dust it daily and maintain the beauty of the room with the help of your vacuum cleaner, you are likely to miss a few chief areas which make your living room really unclean. The ceiling fans or the space below the sofa or the coffee table are the spaces which cannot be very regularly cleaned but once in a month or so they must be cleaned. However, you keep them for the Sundays and then for the next one and keeps getting procrastinated which makes your living room dirty and unhealthy.

Wearing your shoes all the time

Wearing your shoes around every part of the house is without a doubt a bad way of making your house dirty. But since the living rooms are always closer to the main door or entrance of your house, you tend to wear your shoes more inside your living room! This is surely a way which you may work upon. You can have a shoe- holder near the entrance and help your living room remain clean

Piling up the clothes

You keep piling up your clothes one after the other which of course contributes to the accumulation of dirt and filth in your living room. By avoiding that you can keep your living room clean and not give an unclean and messy impression of yours to others.

The living room is a delicate spot of the house which must be dealt with care and affection. Unnecessarily dirtying the living room can not only make it look uglier but can also lead to health issues. So keep it clean and live a comfortable and healthy life.


3 things that you must have in your living room

The living room is the most beautiful space in the house. Here you can greet company, may chat with your friends and entertain them, or hang out with your family. Of course, you know that you should have the sofa or a coffee table, but that is not all. There are a plethora of beautiful things that you may add to the living which can uplift your living room from the ordinary living rooms. Your living room must be personalized and beautified with the masterful decorative touches.

All the living room are not the same, neither should they really be that However there are certain things that the living rooms should follow to make them useful, comfortable, classy and warm, a place where you would love to spend most of your time. You don’t really need to invest a lot for that. Just a few strokes here and there can make you a Picasso of your living room. Given below are some suggestions which you might find useful for your living room. The things given below add to the beauty as well as the utility of your otherwise boring living room.

A little but organized place for the books

This is a beautiful way to be near your favorite books. In this small section, you need not keep the entire book you possess, just a few of your most favorite thrillers or romantic poetry can give your living room an intellectual aura.

Drape the windows

An entirely empty window region in your living room is boring and dull as hell. You may make the frames wear an elegant set of draperies to not only look beautiful and complete but also to maximize your room’s height.

The perfect coffee table

A neatly-curated coffee table keeps all the essentials near your reach. It becomes your go-to friend when it comes keeping your spectacles or the book when you’re too sleepy. Some other things that can be here are your trays, the books and the vases. This certainly has a lot of utility and is a must in your room.

You might think that your living room looks perfect and is really very comfortable but you must always strive to take that to the next level of comfort and style. Hopefully, the article has helped you in letting you know about how to beautify your living room easily.


3 economical ways to decorate your living room

Decorating your home almost always takes up a lot of your time, energy and not to mention, your hard-earned money. From the furniture to paints everything costs a little too much for your tight budget. However, there are a few ways by which you may enhance the taste of your living room in really inexpensive ways. Given below are three such ways which will help you to reduce the cost of your living room decoration and help you in decorating your living room conveniently.

Crown molding

Crown molding has a delightful charm of its own. It makes a room look really complete and very effectively brings the ceiling with the four walls together, which gives them a classy appearance. Without crown molding, the rooms usually look classless and unpolished.

Crown molding is quite inexpensive (particularly the plastic version), which makes it really affordable for every budget. For the best results, you may to adding different types of molding to your house, i.e. crown, columns, ceiling-high baseboard, medallions, etc.


Many contractors usually choose the standard lighting fixtures for your living room, which they have used in almost all the houses they have built. The beautiful designer light fixtures always add a lot of class and elegance to your house than the regular boring chandeliers. New designer lighting might cost you a lot; however, you can try getting unique and unconventional lighting fixtures from the curio or antique shops or anywhere else. If you get hold of used lighting fixtures, it can increase the elegance of your living room at a really low cost.


Most people believe that investing a lot inexpensive divans and couches is wrong, well let us be clear here- it is not. Cheaper furniture can cost you a lot more by the end. The cheaper furniture not only look cheap but can hardly be put together neatly, they also do not last long!

However, if you think you want elegant furniture set in your home, you may search the second-hand furniture shops, the estate sales or other consignment shops in order to get superior quality furniture at inexpensive rates.

The above-given ways will really help you have a better living room by using very less capital. By investing almost nothing, you can miraculously change the vibe of your living room and make it look stylish, elegant and majestic.


3 best ways to decorate your hallways

Decorating every part of your home is very important. You should not want to be too flowery in a section of your home and too vacant and blank at another. People usually neglect the halls in favor of decorating the other rooms which is absolutely foolish and wrong. They just see the hallways as some utilitarian section of their home. However, it must be understood that a beautifully decorated hall, is like the perfect finishing touch or the cherry on the cake which pulls the entire home to a different level altogether of comfort, style and elegance. Many of us do not have a huge hallway but it must be understood that even a really narrow hallway may look exquisite and classy with just some affection, care and good decor! Given below are some of the best and most convenient ways to decorate your boring hallway. The following ideas will surely keep your halls way more organized, beautiful and elegant which will always have a soothing impression on your visitors.

Make A Crafty Art Gallery

A hall might be an amazing space to display or exhibit our personal collection and curios of art as well as the photos which mean a lot to you and your family. They are the ones who are going to see the photos most often; however, your close relatives, friends and other guests too will surely appreciate the emotional and personal touch, too.

Put Architectural Beauties

A wonderful way to infuse more soul and character to the hallway or even the stairway is to an apt wainscoting. You may choose whatever style you want, a variety of wainscoting styles are available in the market. However, if wainscoting is a little too much for you to take on, you may try installing a simpler and inexpensive archway of pre-made wooden corbels.

Use Classy Furniture

A small comfortable settee will surely make your hallway feel warm and inviting in a jiffy. You may also use a bench to have a shoe- stand to keep your shoes in an organized way. They give a disciplined outlook to your room and tell a lot about the members of the family.

Thus utilizing your hallway with minimum investment can make the hallway look way better and consequently makes your entire house look better. Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand the importance of the hallways.